Our Top 5 Success Tips: Social Media for Chiropractors

The average person spends 2 and a half hours on social media each day.

That’s an incredible amount of time and attention.

Social media for chiropractors = a big opportunity to connect, build trust, and get more new patients into your practice.

Today, social media serves as a great place to market your practice for referrals, reactivations, and new patients.

If you can stand out from the crowd, or most importantly, your competition, you’ll be ahead of the game.

So, how do you stand out?

Here are 5 social media tips to use to show off your practice.

1. Set Goals

The Smart Chiropractor Tips for Social Media for Chiropractors

One of the most important tips when it comes to social media for chiropractors is to set goals.

Goals set the foundation for what you want to achieve for your practice online.

Before posting anything, you should lay out these goals and how you will get there.

Do you want to build trust with your patients?

That might mean hosting live Q&A videos where you answer your patient’s most common questions.

The results you’ll receive follow the actions that you take. Stats track your actions so you can begin to generate predictable results.

“The Smart Chiropractor’s content, auto posting, and other tools is simply the best ROI I have seen in 20 years of practice.”Person

Dr. Mike Marino, DC

Marino Chiropractic Clinic

Automate Your Marketing

Stats and goals fall into two primary categories:

  1. Content metrics
  2.  Business metrics

Content metrics are things like email open and click-through rates, social media engagement, etc.

These are great to understand if you’re hitting the right audience.

Business metrics are “stage of funnel” dependent.

These are stats such as new patient conversations, organic traffic, etc. They let you know if a piece of content is moving the needle for your practice.

Goals and stats are also great for helping you stay on track.

It can be easy to get carried away on social media, but if you refer to your goals, it will put you back on the path.

2. Schedule Your Posts

The Smart Chiropractor Planning Social Media for Chiropractors

Scheduling your social media posts means that you’ll be updating consistently.

Consistency is essential when it comes to social media for chiropractors.

You should schedule posts for all your social media platforms.

To have this work effectively, you should plan your topics and ideas.

You can think ahead and plan to post about yearly issues that your patients might experience.

With The Smart Chiropractor, we do this for our members. We create incredibly impactful Monthly Campaigns, Weekly Topics, and Daily Posts, and then we automate the posting to your Facebook page every day!

It’s also helpful to connect your posts on each platform.

If you post a tweet about reducing back pain on Twitter, you can have it link to a longer post about the same topic on Facebook.

This type of coordination is critical to driving results.

By having monthly campaigns, weekly topics, and daily posts, your message is coordinated across all of your social channels.

This helps your look more professional, build trust more quickly, and get better results from each channel.

3. Engage With Your Patients

The Smart Chiropractor Automated Social Media for Chiropractors

Engagement is a great thing to have on social media.

Responding to comments or questions helps you build a relationship with your audience.

The question could be something as simple as “where are you located,” but an answer can turn that person into a patient.

It should become your office policy that everyone on your social channels is responded to every day.

If someone is commenting, liking, or sharing your post, they are part of your engaged tribe.

Don’t leave them hanging. Take a few minutes each day to interact and respond, and you’ll notice your online tribe will continue to grow.

Always form connections with anyone who interacts with your posts.

4. Use Facebook Ads

The Smart Chiropractor Reach More People

Facebook is a powerful tool when it comes to social media for chiropractors – the social giant gives you access to 2.6 billion users.

While many won’t be your target audience, Facebook does a great job of narrowing down ads to people who are.

This is because you can target the ads to reach a specific geographic area around your practice.

You can also narrow it down to individual people using very specific terms.

One word of advice with Facebook ads: stop running “deals.”

They are not the most effective way to advertise but are the easiest for ad companies to scale, so they recommend it.

The best way to advertise is through re-argeting people who are engaged with your content and your practice.

Facebook offers a tool called Facebook Pixel.

When placed in the header of your website, it analyzes the actions people take. From there, it makes your Facebook ads much more accurate over time.

5. Metrics and Analytics

The Smart Chiropractor Analytics Guide to Social Media for Chiropractors

While working on your social media, one last tip you can use is to analyze your data to see what has been working and what hasn’t.

This way, you can pinpoint the content that patients want to see from you. It will also help you learn more about them.

Using this powerful tool, you can take your social media strategy to the next level.

The easiest way to do this is to check your Facebook Insights each month.

It will you all of the key performance indicators you’ll want to track for online growth.

Utilize These Social Media Tips Today!

As a chiropractor, your day is busy enough without thinking about social media.

To have patients to keep you busy, these tips on social media for chiropractors will help to grow your practice.

If you can master these tips, you’ll see new referrals and patients coming to your practice.